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What About Shards of Castle Clash Game

Shards is a resource and can be used to purchase Heroes at the Heroes Altar, or to donate to your Guild for upgrades and benefits. Shards are earned by defeating Dungeons and successfully defending against a fifth wave in Here Be Monsters. All Dungeons have a chance to give the player shards if won, and Dungeons marked with a blue tower will give you more (but those rooms are tougher).

You can view your current shard amount, by selecting the Heroes Altar, click on “Enter” and after this on “Hire With Shards” – your current amount should be displayed in the top left corner of the window.

When purchasing a hero with shards, a player is able to choose the hero, instead of the game picking at random when the hero is purchased with Gems or Honor Badges.

Note that the Shards are the ones which is harder to get and fewer chance to have, it can be attain in dungeons or HBM though it is not the same as easy to obtain as Golds, mana or gems.

The most important thing to know about shards is that you should save them to buy Legend warriors only.

Never buy anything in the hero shop with shards except legendary heroes.  It’s simply a waste because they are so hard to obtain.

You can only get shards by fighting in the dungeons.  There are no shortcuts.  The best approach is to mine the skull dungeons.  Basically, just find the skull dungeon that dispenses the largest number of shards to you where you don’t lose any of your heroes in the battle. 

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