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Video Hero Expedition Castle Clash

TW version CC just released a new feature called hero expedition.
Video Hero Expedition Castle Clash

Here is some introduction to it.

In one word, hero expedition is a raiding challenge which can be done once per day.

You may enter it from arena building

There are 10 levels for each challenge, from R1 to R10. Everyday, you start figting from R1 to make your progress to R10

After selecting a level, you may choose the heroes you want to use to fight. A random player will be selected for you to raid at each level.

Below are the rules in each fight
1. One may select at most 15 heroes (can choose duplicates) to join fight at each level.  But at most 6 heroes can appear on the battlefield at the same time, two duplicate heroes cannot be used at the same time either.

2. No magic or troop is allowed, can only use heroes to fight. 

3. If one hero die in battle, you can immediately drop another hero to fight ( max is still 6), until you use all 15 heroes choosen at the start of the fight.

4. You can earn HB and “Merit Point” as rewards after winning an attack. The defending side won’t lose anything. Merit Point can be used to exchange various rewards in game at “Commodity House”

5. The reward you get is related to the might and total fire one have from dungeon.  The higher you might and fire, the more reward you get in hero expedition.

6. If one hero die in a battle, it cannot join any of the fights in the rest of the day. One can quit the battle in the middle and fight the same player again later though.  All hero will be revived when server resets.  ( This won’t affect using heroes in normal raids)

7. There are in total 10 levels each day, the reward increase at each level. You may progress to the next level by destroying over 50% of the base, but less rewards will be given if not 100%. And after passing one level, you cannot go back to fight it again.

8. There are 5 chances to change opponents each day. After using up 5 chances, you need to use gem to change opponents.