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Tutorial and Guide

Castle Clash Tutorial and Guide for Beginners with Tips and Tricks for All

Legendary hero castle clash Druid


Druid is the main Healer in Castle Clash. Actually, he’s the only healer other than Angel when it comes to units that aren’t themselves. His skill, Energetic, doubles as a great way to increase other heroes’ damage output. Druid is given free to any player who has logged in for 30 days and isn’t too expensive to farm if someone ...

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Legendary hero castle clash Succubus


Succubus is a great starter legend and a reliable team member through most of a player’s Arena career. Her skill damage has its limitations in boss battles, raids, and Here Be Monsters, but is hard to beat when it comes to Arena matches. Another useful aspect for Death Lash is the amount of damage it can reduce coming from the ...

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Legendary hero castle clash Champion


The Champion is a Legendary Hero. He is a Physical damage dealer and has melee attacks. His Skill Storm Hammer deals damage to 3 nearby targets and inflicts Coma for 3 seconds, which can be deadly in the Arena , Boss Fights , and Here Be Monsters. With a strong DPS and a handy skill, the Champion’s only weak point may be his low hitpoints. Skill A table that details the ...

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Legendary hero castle clash Paladin

Legendary hero Paladin

The original Legendary Tank in Castle Clash. Perhaps less useful than an Atlanticore, but much easier to obtain. The Paladin can make any offense look weak. His offense is one of the weakest in the entire game and his hit points are the highest. He can be obtained free after 21 consecutive log ins and makes a wonderful addition to ...

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Hero castle clash Moltanica – Fire Dragon

Hero castle clash Moltanica

The Moltanica – Fire Dragon is a Legendary Hero. It is a Mage. This hero cannot be hired in the game and can only be acquired through events. Skill Fire Dragon – Video Demo skill of  Moltanica –  Fire Dragon A table that details the statistics of the Moltanica’s Skill. Some picture of Moltanica –  Fire Dragon Castle clash   Video Skill hero Moltanica – ...

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Update for Boss fight – HB reward system

Castle Clash Update

New update castle clash for boss fight is coming soon. BOSS(Totla HP) HB reward for every 1% dmg, max 30%(if boss is killed reward is crease to 300%) Joining Reward(If boss is killed, rewards is crease to 500%) DMG≥30%, and defeat BOSS DMG≤1%, and defeat BOSS DMG≥30%, BOSS alive DMG≤1%,Boss alive Tier 1 BOSS (24000000) 1%: 35(105) 30%: 1050(3150) 85(425) ...

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Hero’s Skills Complete data for all levels

Tips-and-Tricks Castle clash

Here I provide the detailed info for hero‘s skill at all levels.To save space, I used a table. Some explanation about the notation: If there is more than one number in a cell, then it means several parameters in the skill will change as you level up. For example, lvl 4 druid   240%, 26%, 6 means druid heal 6 people for ...

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