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Tutorial and Guide

Castle Clash Tutorial and Guide for Beginners with Tips and Tricks for All

REWARDS hero trials

Hero trial castle clash,Hero trial,Here Be Monsters

REWARDS hero trials   L1        Lvl 30, 3 heroes          100/ 200/ 500/ 3/ 5/ 10                       In order of: HB / HB/ HB/ Gems/ Gems/ Gems L2        Lvl 50, 6 heroes          150/ 300 /750/ 6 / 10/ 20 L3        Lvl 70, 9 heroes          ...

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Torch Battle Rewards

Video Torch Battles Guild Wars Castle Clash

The Torch Battle is your chance to win Honor Badges and Shards after the event ends. You can check the estimated amount of rewards on the Torch Battle Info screen. After each Torch Battle round, rewards will be issued based on how many Torches you capture. Grade 1: 0% – 24% – 10 Honor Badges for each Torch. Grade 2: ...

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A few facts for heroes

Hero castle clash Moltanica

Here I will try to collect some facts for heroes that is not included elsewhere. Some are moved from arena facts for better organization. Welcome to any suggestions, corrections. 1. Heroes Altar hero’s revive time be calculated as For heros between lvl 1-39 : revive time = lvl * 10 For heros between lvl 40-180 : revive time = lvl ...

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Co-op dungeon Tutorial

Co-op dungeon Tutorial, new dungeon castle clash, mesa storm castle clash

This is not to tell you where and how to do the dungeons but to highlight different options to help you decide what you want to do. Building your team You may not always have the option to have the perfect group may it be your guild mates not having certain heroes, joining a pick up group(random rooms) but that ...

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About the Optimization of Talent Re-Roll Interface

About the Optimization of Talent Re-Roll Interface, Optimization of Talent, Talent Re-Roll ,Talent ,,Optimization ,Interface

New Talent Re-Roll Guide: Tap any Hero in your Heroes Altar, then select Change to enter the Talent Re-Roll interface. Tap Re-roll to roll for another Talent with Gems. —> Select any Hero of your choice, then tap Replace to replace the original Talent of that Hero. After tapping Replace, the Hero’s original Talent would be replaced by the new ...

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How to join a guild in Castle Clash?

How to join a guild in Castle Clash,join guild castle clash, guild Castle Clash

In the older version of Castle Clash, there was a guild join button and might requirement. As long as a person had a might number over the requirement, they can instantly join a guild. This doesn’t exist anymore though. In the latest version, there is an apply feature. Basically, you need to apply to a guild and the leaders can ...

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Gold on castle clash,What about Gold,gold

I will tell some secret how i keep almost all my resources been raided and got 10 hour shield for free…this way u can save some of ur resources for upcoming upgrade1.when u have finish all ur raid, quest board, HBM, HT, arena, and dungeon and u want to logout of the game, u need to remove all ur hero, troop ...

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How to Solo Boss 3 No PD, No HB, No Cupid

Clip solo boss 2 castle clash,solo boss 2 ,boss 2

This thread will break down how to perm-stun and SOLO boss 3 without PD, Cupid, or Heavy Blow. Be warned: it is in-depth. Before I get started, you must understand some of my terminology: DPS = Damage Per Second. Heroes with faster attack rates than 1000 ms are corrected to reflect a 1000 ms attack rate. ADPS = Auto-Attack DPS ...

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