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Castle Clash Tutorial and Guide for Beginners with Tips and Tricks for All

Castle Clash Tutorial – Heroes skill description on 10/10 skill level – Strategy Game

Heroes skill description

Castle Clash Tutorial – Heroes skill description on 10/10 skill level – Strategy Game   Here are 10/10 skill descriptions for some heroes, text translated from Chinese: Paladin – Fortifies defenses. Reduces damage taken by 95% for 7 secs (up from 5 secs) Champion – Deals 330% DMG to 3 random nearby targets, inflicting Coma for 3 secs. Ninja – Deals 800% DMG ...

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Castle Clash Tutorial – How to Build a Strong Account Quickly – Game mobile

Strong Account Quickly

Introduction: This guide will show you how to build a strong account quick and effectively.  This is mainly for F2P players, however P2P players can apply the same strategies that I will outline. I’ll cover some basic strategies to help you farm Heroes, manage resources (Honor Badges, Shards, Gems, Might, etc) and cover base designs for Here Be Monsters. To ...

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Castle Clash Tutorial – Buffs and Debuffs

Buffs and Debuffs

In this thread I am going to introduce you with all heroes on matter of buff and debuff. But first of all let’s answer the question, what those terms really mean? Buff – adjectiveNORTH AMERICANinformal (of a person or their body) in good physical shape with well-developed muscles. “the driver was a buff blond named March” So by definition “buff” means ...

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Castle Clash Tutorial – Legendary Heroes’ Secret Abilites – Guide For Newbies


A lot of legends have their secret abilities, which are good to know. So I made a list of them for help newbies. 1) Paladin He has a cooldown, first only 6 seconds, on higher skill levels 9 seconds. It prevents stacking. His skill stacks with Stone Skin. 2) Atlanticore His cooldown gradualy increase, start on 5,5 secs, continue to 5,8 and ends ...

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Castle Clash tutorial – Lost Realm

Experience,Blue Crystal,Red Crystal,Treasure Box,Blue Crystal Mine,Battle Altar,Empty Tiles,Treasure Box Tile,Chest ,Energy ,Resources

The Lost Realm is the new feature added in version 1.2.61. This new feature offers different challenges and rewards. Lost Realm is also know as the“New World“. It is located at the north-east side of the screen where the bridge is located together with the portal. Lost Realm’s Portal can be found placed on a two blocks of land which ...

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