Basic Things to Know play Castle Clash

  • You can’t be attacked while you are online.
  • The battle will end if your opponent comes online during the match.
  • You will be disconnected if you have no activity for 15 minutes leaving you open for attacks assuming you have no shield. Be careful of minimizing the game on your device, you may be kicked out as soon as 30 seconds.
  • Achieving 100% victory gives you full badges stated on the right of the screen, victory with less than 100% may only give you a portion.
  • You can have at a max 5 heroes fighting under you at a time, and you cannot use duplicates of the same hero.
  • Similar to a slime/sacrifice, duplicate heroes can be used to sacrifice to upgrade other heroes. Be sure to keep the one that has the better talents.
  • Sacrificing different heroes provide different amount of points. Higher classes provide more points. Sacrificing the same hero to itself also provides double its points. For example, an Executioner provides 200 points, but if you sacrifice an Executioner to itself it provides 400 points.
  • Enemies that achieve a victory less than about 60% give you a 2 hour shield, above that give you a 5 hour shield, and if 100% victory, a 10 hour shield.
  • Players can steal up to 25% of your gold and mana. If you have 100k gold and mana, if they destroy all your gold/mana mines and vaults they could attain 25k gold and mana.
  • If your structures are too far apart from each other enemy troops can be summoned inside your base which defeats the purpose of having walls, you need to make sure they are nice and compact.
  • A lower number for attack speed is better than a higher number. The number may indicate the number of milliseconds per attack.
  • Heroes that have hit their current level caps (level 20, 40, 60, etc.) still continue to take experience. Only use the heroes you need to level in an attack to have them level up quicker. Of course the trade off is your overall army strength will be weaker.
  • Upgrading of heroes does not consume fire. The amount of fire you have is equivalent to the total number of fires from dungeons. If you completed 5 dungeons with 3 fires each, the amount of fire you have should be 15.
  • You get a max of 5 dungeon instances and they rebuild every 20 minutes. You should make sure to attack 5 times every 1 hour and 40 minutes.
  • You get a max of 5 arena battle chances and they rebuild every 30 minutes. You should attack 5 times within 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • The life of your shrine in arena is believed to be the sum of all your heroes HP multiplied by 2.
  • There are 4 basic things you can do to earn gems each day: logging in, fighting in the arena 10 times, and stealing gold and mana from players when raiding. Be sure to claim them each day by clicking the present icon at the top left underneath the honor badges count.
  • Your towers will not attack enemy troops during the time they are being upgraded.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always manually collect your gold/mana before upgrading your gold mines and mana vaults. At higher levels, you may end up having to wait hours before the upgrade is done to collect the harvested gold/mana.
  • Before logging off try to spend all your gold and mana so other players cannot steal too many of your resources. If your builders are full and don’t know how to spend your gold you can always upgrade your walls bit by bit as well as buy spells for future use. It is more difficult to spend spare mana, but you can still queue up as much extra troops as possible to use any leftover mana.
  • Do not be afraid to repeat the same dungeons you’ve already beaten. You can actually save yourself a lot of mana if you repeat dungeons where you don’t lose too many troops (you don’t have to spend the mana to rebuild troops that have died). It’s wise to spend your dungeon instances on cost effective maps. You may end up spending more than you gain if you challenge dungeons you’re not ready for yet.
  • If you’re doing multiple raids in a row you can queue up troops in your army camps. In the middle of battle if any of your troops die they’ll start building even during a match. This saves you some waiting time if you prefer to go with maxed out troops.
  • Since successfully defending does not reward you any resources it may be better to simply have a weak base. This is useful when you need to log off for many hours. If the enemy gets 100% victory on your base you’ll get a 10 hour shield. Not only that, you will be able to have your resources built up quicker since you’re defeated quicker and left in peace.

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