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Castle Clash News – New hero – Orksbane

Castle Clash News - New hero - Orksbane,Castle Clash News,New hero,Orksbane,hero Orksbane

2. Skills: Savage Swing lvl 1: Deals 160% DMG to enemies in front and reduce their speed by 75%, heal nearby allies by half of the damage dealt. (orksbane is immune to stun and fear effect)each upgrade increase damage by 20%, see here for all level skills 3. Attributes Stats Calculator Link Highest HP hero in the game – 26% ...

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Castle clash Update NEW HEROES! MUST SEE!!

Castle Clash Update

hello, today i want show what i would like to be updated on game! few more heroes and talent swap posibility+shard shop! first hero doom herald (magic hero)(legendary) -mystic undead hero witch can raise your heroes back ability  raise LvL 1/9 – raise one random hero with 5% hit points LvL 2/9 – raise one random hero with 10% hit points LvL 3/9 – raise one random hero with 15% ...

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