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Casle Clash Account Have Pumpkin, Druid, Thunder god, paladin,atlanticore

Sell account castle clash

Dear all To day i Sell  Account Castle Clash  Have name ,  Have Pumpkin Duke,  thunder god, Druid, atlanticore, and Paladin  Good account for  new player Infomation Of Account Castle Clash Name: Have Name Server: USA Version: Account Castle Clash For Android Might:  1 xxx Honor Badges: over 273.000 Worker: 2 Hero: Have  Have Pumpkin Duke,  thunder god, Druid, atlanticore, and Paladin  Pumpkin Duke  is perfect Hero on Castle Clash Game. All player want have it Contact to buy account castle clash Email:phoneus@outlook.com Line: castleclash.tv Kik: castleclash.tv Skype: castleclash.tv Picture

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