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Hero trial castle clash

Hero trial castle clash,Hero trial,Here Be Monsters

Clip Hero Trial castle clash – L12   The Heroes Trial is a feature similar to Here Be Monsters. It shares the same random unit spawn mechanic. 3,000 Might is required to enter this deadly contest. One entry generates every six hours, with 6 entries total being the maximum. Description There are a total of 12 Trials with a randomly selected Legendary Hero for each that attacks your base. ...

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Castle clash Here Be Monsters


Hello All We are Castle Clash Store – We selling account castle for clasher We are one of the most trusted sellers castle clash account   Tap on the cave in the top left corner of your map (displayed in the picture on the right side) to enter the Here Be Monsters challenge. The goal of Here Be Monsters (a.k.a. HBM) is to defeat five ...

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