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Sell Account Castle Clash have PD- TG-Cham-Suc-Druid-Paladin

Sell account castle clash

Dear all To day i Sell new Account Castle Clash  Have Name – Have Pumpkin Duke,  Thunder God ,Succubus , Champion , Paladin , Druid and some hero castle clash . Good account for  new player Infomation Of Account Castle Clash Name: Have Name Server: USA Version: Account Castle Clash For Android Might:  7xxx Honor Badges: over 153.000 Worker: 2 Hero: Have Pumpkin Duke,  Thunder God ,Succubus , Champion , Paladin , Druid and some hero castle clash . Good account for  new player Pumpkin Duke is perfect Hero. All player want have it Contact to buy account castle clash Email:phoneus@outlook.com ...

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