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Castle Clash Event – Comrade Clash – free 500 gem

Invite 5 of your friends to like the Castle Clash Page on Facebook and you will win 500 gems! It’s that easy! Step 1: Visit http://woobox.com/ypn584 Step 2: Click  “Authorize to see friends who are fans “ Step 3: invite your friend like fan page of Castle Clash Step 4: fill IGN – IGG ID – Version and wait 24h to get 500 ...

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Sell Gem Castle Clash For Android – Cheap Prices

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  Hello Clasher Gems are the premium currency of Castle Clash. They can be used to buy Gold, Mana, Honor Badges, Heroes and additional Builders. Gems can also be used to rush building time, to revive heroes and to roll for new Talents. Gems may also be earned through Achievements and daily gifts. Gems can’t be used to buy Hero Shards. Today i Open service Sell Gem castle clash with cheap prices. ...

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