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Sell Gem Castle Clash Cheap Prices – Trusted Seller

Dear all

Today i will Open Service SELL GEM CASTLE CLASH for Gamer
im trusted seller and i sell account for very much player.
My Nick name on EpicNPC.Com is Castleclash.tv. You can see i have very much good feedback



and i will discount for you




1. You need pay first. After i check and got your money i will send gem to your account

2. You need send to me ID IGG, Email and Password. i will protect it and never share it for anyone.

3. Because i need login to your account, if i can’t login for some reason as: Wrong password or email, 2-step verification, vvv… i will email for you and you need provide correct infomation

4. Deadline: 24 hours after i send one email confirm order. if after 24hours i can’t send gem to your account i will email for you. i will send money to you or you can wait more time

5. NO REFUND. After i send gem to you i don’t accept refund money.

6. I accept payment via Paypal and Skrill

7. Prices don’t include Fee of paypal

8. Don’t change password after send account to me. After i send gem you can change all infomation you want

9. Min order 10,000 GEM per order and Max: 50,000 gem per order

9. Contact me:

Email: phoneus@outlook.com

Kik: Castleclash.tv

Line: CastleClash.tv

Fill into form and send to me