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How to defend in raids for beginners castle clash


A lot of people want to know how to get better at defending their base. 

Just like in real life, the first way, just don’t get attacked. When I’m looking for a base to raid, I ignore any bases with less than 20k gold. Period. It’s not worth my effort. There are bigger fish to fry. I can regularly find people with 100k+ gold, just keep pushing next. There are over 2 million players, someone has to have more than 20k.

2nd, you WANT to get 100% defeated. This gives you a 10 hour shield, more than enough time to sleep or work and not fear getting attacked. Protect your resources, and try to design your base so they can’t reach your resources without destroying everything first. If you are confident you can defend your base, ignore this step. Personally, if someone has over 100k gold, I do everything I can to 100% their base. Hopefully by the time the shield wears off, they got their 25k back. By the way, When someone attacks your base, they can only get 25% of your total resources.

3rd. When I’m looking for a base to raid, your troops don’t scare me. They’re usually a mild annoyance at most. Same for towers. The canon tower cant hit flying anything. The Archer tower only hits one person for 300+ damage and the mage tower hits multiple people for 200+ damage. All troops only do 65% damage to heroes. So 580 damage is only 377. I have never looked at a base and thought “those troops are scary!” Let’s assume you have four level 11 bases, so 40 spots. The first troop tree can’t attack flying heroes. Useless for defense. 

The 2nd tree, the archers, can attack flying heroes, maxed out they take up 5 spots per person for a maximum of eight per level 11 base. They do 228 damage to heroes and have 2400 health. Combined that’s 1824 damage. A level 60 champion has over 8000 health. That means it’ll take 5 hits from all 8 to kill the champion. But that’s assuming the attacking person doesn’t have multiple heroes or other troops to draw their attention away from their heroes. With the succubus ability, their attack and health gets reduced drastically. Not only that but the spirit mage can kill up to ten at once with his special ability and if they have a druid? He increases attack power while healing heroes, meaning most basic heroes can 1 hit kill your troops.

What about the mage tree? The dragon does 377 damage vs heroes. Has 1300 health so can be killed in one hit by… Anyone at level 60. And take up five spots, so eight per base. At 3016 damage combined it takes 3 hits from all 8 to kill one hero assuming the hero is alone.

The final troop tree, the Ornithopter, takes 12 spots, three per base, has 10800 health, does 293 damage to heroes for 879 combined. It has high health which makes it EXCELLENT for distracting heroes while your heroes and Archer towers kill their heroes. It would take six hits from the assassin at level 60 to kill one ornithopter. However, the high cost makes them only valuable for much higher level bases.

The one thing that makes me pause before attacking your base, is the level of your heroes. Level up your heroes as high as you can and that will make someone think twice before attacking you.

How to level up your heroes quickly? Dungeons and raids. Initially I didn’t like dungeons because I spent so much on troops trying to beat them, then I realized, find the highest level dungeon you can 100% using ONLY your heroes. Then do that dungeon until you can 100% the next one with NO DEATHS. I’m regularly below 100 in the arena, and I’ve spent the last month only doing dungeon 2 level 6 on the bottom half. It’s tedious, but it works. The other way, raids. Find someone REALLY low level and beat them. You get more exp if you 100% them. I regularly get 1800+ exp which is over 300xp per hero. Not only that but raids are cheap and you get unlimited.

Your dungeon chances fill up every 80 minutes. If you don’t have a shield, someone can attack you if you exit the screen for more than 30 seconds. If you leave the game screen open. Nobody can attack you unless you don’t do anything for fifteen minutes. Keeping this in mind, you can go hours with no shield and nobody can raid your base.

Anyways, that’s all I have for now, I hope it helps!

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