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Honor Badges and Shards

Honor Badges and Shards

Honor Badges are one of the most important resources.

They can be used to hire Heroes and increasing their Star levels.

It’s mainly earned in the Arena, but you can also earn them in Raids and Dungeons.

Honor Badges and Shards‘ sole use is for Heroes. There isn’t much to it, quite simple.

How Honor Badges are gained:

  • Hourly Rate from the Arena ( For more information on the Arena, see the Arena section below )
  • Small amount from victorious raids
  • Small amount from victorious Dungeon raids

How Honor Badges are spent/lost:

  • Purchasing Heroes
  • Losing a raid

Shards are rare Items in CC. Their sole use is to purchase Heroes. When purchasing a hero, you are able to choose which hero you want, instead of picking at random when purchasing with Gems or Honor Badges. Shards have PERCENTAGE DROP RATE in dungeons. They will not drop shards everytime. Dungeons marked with a Skull above them contain more shards, and a HIGHER drop rate than normal dungeons. 

You’re going to have to start grinding in the dungeons to afford your first Legendary Hero at 1200 shards 


  1. how much u sell shards for? does it effect my current account? what i mean is, i want my existing account to remain the same without changing the account.

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