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[Game Update] Castle Clash Update (Sept 1 iOS) [Version 1.3.4]

The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 1:00 am server time (GMT-5) on September 1st for an estimated 1 hour. Once the maintenance is complete, all players will get 300 Gems (200 Gems as regular compensation for the maintenance and 100 Gems for “VOTE for FREE stuff” Event). 

1. Added a Warehouse for storing items. Build the Warehouse resource building to unlock this feature.
2. Added a Heroes Expedition feature (Accessible from the Arena).

1. Fixed the input method bug.
2. Guild boss fight ranking adjusted to display the top 10 players. 
3. Fixed an issue in the arena where there’s a chance that Heroes won’t move and the battle report appears immediately.
4. Fixed an issue where Guild Credits aren’t spent to enter Boss fights under special circumstances.
5. Fixed an issue where pausing too long on the events webpage causes the game to disconnect. 

1. Added an icon to indicate Hero death