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Co-op Dungeon Preview – New Dugeon Castle Clash

Introduction to Team Dungeons

Entrance: At your base, there will be a new portal added to the right of the cave. Tap on it for Team Dungeons.

Upon entering the Team Dungeon, you have to first create your team (You need to have a team before you can take part in Team Dungeons).
You can choose up to 5 Heroes to participate (There can only be one of each type of Hero) and set them up in a 3×3 grid.

You can create rooms and invite up to 3 Guildmates to take part in it (4 players, including the room creator. Only members of your Guild can be invited.). The room creator will begin the battle. (If a player disconnects after the battle has started, the battle would continue but the disconnected player would not be able to receive the rewards.)

After the room creator has sent out invitations, Guild members will receive a invite notification at the bottom-left corner of their base. They can then enter Team Dungeons through the notification.

You can also choose to select “Join Team” to join a room with other players who has also selected that option. When there are 4 people in the room, the Team Dungeon will begin automatically. (You can play with members of other Guilds through the “Join Team” option. )

After entering a room, you can choose where your Heroes will appear when Team Dungeon begins. (Where your Heroes appears in the Team Dungeon is decided on where you allocate your Heroes of the available placement slots in the room.)

When battle begins, the Heroes will battle automatically based on where the Heroes were placed.

You win when all enemies are destroyed, and all participants of the Team Dungeon will receive the reward. Several bosses may appear in Team Dungeons. Team Dungeon bosses are immune to Coma and the maximum damage that can be dealt to them is 35,000. The coordination of the Heroes will affect whether you emerge victorious.