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Castle clash update – New Maps

update 02/11/2014

Sneak Peek!
A new portal has materialized in the Castle Clash Tutorial adventurers have begun their explorations. The portal brings us to an island filled with shiny chests and unknown resources. Herds of monsters gather around, seemingly trying to guard the pathway to the loot. Just what secrets do this island hold?

Hey Clashers! We’re excited to share with each of you a sneak peek at an all-new map currently still in development!

The new map will include new game content, including land space expansions and upgrades, resource development and raids, random events, and so much more.

With our Clashers’ might growing every day, the current Castle map is no longer big enough for ever-expanding bases. Therefore, it’s time for a new territory rich with more resources! Special resources harvested from the new map can be used in new item fusion features to come as well.

Keep an eye out for random events in the new map, like the mysterious trader, monster encounters, and other surprises for extra chances to win rare rewards!