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Castle clash Tutorial – The Lost Realm – Blue Crystal

Im just gonna drop all the info Im gaining from playing TW server right here.

Short version:
Energy -> walking and fighting -> keys (and other stuff) -> chests -> crests -> increase hero stats
Red crystals -> blue crystal tile upgrades -> more blue crystals -> hero inscription upgrades -> increase hero stats
1024 lvl 1 crests -> 256 lvl 2 crests -> 64 lvl 3 crests -> 16 lvl 4 crests -> 4 lvl 5 crests -> 5/5 talent

Long version starts here…

The Lost Realm map starts out as a 5 land tile map in a cross. Every lvl you gain will add 2 land tiles to the map. The following land tiles are available:
– Blue Crystal production tile: This tile produces blue crystals continuously. It works the same way as a mana mill;
*You can upgrade it with red crystals to increase production. Each lvl will add 20 crystals/hour production speed and 200 crystals max storage. For example: Lvl 1 = 40/hour with 400 maximum, Lvl 4 = 100/hour with 1000 maximum. And probably so on.
*Blue Crystal tiles can be emptied by simply clicking on them, you do NOT have to waste energy walking to the tile to get the crystals!
*Blue Crystal tiles cannot be attacked and thus provide you your own steady source of blue crystal income.

– Dungeon tile: When you have ‘captured’ a dungeon tile you can start drawing resources from them the same way as Blue Crystal tiles, but they cannot be upgraded. At 400 crystals/hour and 4000 max storage their income is pretty big. Apparently you can loose these dungeons to other players after a 4 hour shield expires, but this has not happened to me yet. I did steal a dungeon, which in battle turned out to have no defence. Not sure how that works yet.

– Empty tile: All other tiles are empty to have room for the following spawns. Whenever you clear whatever was spawned, a new spawn will appear somewhere else on the map.
*Locked chest: can be opened with a corresponding key. Can drop anything from a crest bag (to be opened in warehouse, can be green, blue or purple and I assume the latter gives a higher chance at a good crest) to a bag with 1000 blue crystals
*Bunch of enemy heroes: a group of usually 3-5 enemy heroes. Starts off with mainly elites and sometimes a druid or ninja, at lvl 65-80. Will probably get stronger as world lvl improves. Beat the enemies in a Torch Battle style fight, where placement is key. Winning will get you some red crystals, some new world exp, and a random item. This random item can be a key (bronze/silver to open a corresponding chest), or a bag of gold or mana (warehouse item). I also fought a solo lvl 100 ordinary once and it dropped 10,000 blue crystals. I assume this to be a rare event thing… 😉

ENERGY & Resources
You have a maximum of 80 energy. 1 energy is replenished every 10 minutes. You can replenish your energy bar back to full by spending gems; 50, 100, 100, 150, 150 and 150 gems respectively. After that I get an error msg which I cant reach, but I assume you can only refill these 6 times per day. 700 gems/day to spend to keep up with the main bunch, enjoy! 😉
Every move on the map takes 1 energy. Every fight takes 6 or 9 energy (so far).

Blue Crystals are used to increase the inscription lvl of your heroes.
Red Crystals are used to increase the production of blue crystal tiles or to combine identical crests from the same lvl into a higher lvl crest.

YES! Finally some new achievements to unlock! They seem to mainly give red crystal rewards though, no gems…
There is also some daily task linked it seems like. Reward could be a 40 energy bundle (which I suddenly found in my warehouse).

The Warehouse got a bit of a makeover, with new icons for everything. More importantly its where you can open crest bags to see what it is you got! Get ready to spend a lot of gems adding slots to your warehouse because there are a total of 4 (crest slots) * 5 (levels) * 18 (talents) = 360 unique crests in the game. Thatll cost ya 50 (gems) * 360 (slots) / 5 (slots per upgrade) = 3600 gems just to make enough room for all of them.

So after burning through 600 energy points (thats 100 hours of energy replenishment if you dont plan to use gems), I have found a total of 16 crests. This means we can all expect to average 4 crests a day if we are F2P. All crests dropped at lvl 1. Crest attributes (HP and ATK bonus) seem to be completely random but still fixed per unique crest. Out of the 16 crests I have 13 unique crests and 10 unique talents. I have 3 crests twice because they dropped in the amount of 2 from one crest bag. LVL 1 crests can be sold for 2,000 blue crystals.

ATK bonus stats: +7, +14, +35, +49, +56, +64, +73
HP bonus stats: +500, +600, +800, +1100

Best combination I have seen so far is Heavy Blow III and Deadly Strike IV which both provide +64ATK and +800HP.
Also good are Self Destruct I and War God III provide +73ATK and +600HP.
Worst is probably Flame Guard I which provides only +7ATK and +1100HP.

The buffs add on to the base stats of the hero and as such influence proc dmg as well. Druid for example has 1825 ATK for a 4198 HP heal, But thanks to the buffs from inscriptions and crests he now has 2261 ATK for a heal of 5200 HP. His Life Drain is also effected, healing himself more now aswell.

Omg! I dont have enough mana to spend all my blue crystals! XD I got my Druid to lvl 20 inscription for a bonus of +207 ATK and +2741 HP. I havent saved the stats per lvl that well so its hard to derive a formula so far, but each lvl up seems to add same or more ATK and HP bonus. Interestingly the blue crystal cost of each upgrade seems randomized up to a point. Just between lvls go from 9 to 10 to 11 back to 10 to 13 back to 11. Seems weird.

18/11 Update: version 1.3.3
So I just downloaded the 1.3.3 update for TW and Im suddenly running into much stronger enemies.
Up until now the strongest was 5x lvl 80 heroes, 3 ninjas, an executioner and a cyclops were the hardest for my lvl 82 legendary team (DR, TG, IM, GR, SZ).
But just now I ran into a team of 9 lvl 95 heroes; Druid, Succubus, 2x Paladin, 2x Shaman, 2x Executioner and a Cyclops. At my current level I dont see myself beating that, so it seems my journey through the Lost TW Realm is coming to an end soon… I still have the other hero party to chase until that also becomes that strong…

Playing today has been interesting. Managed to collect 5 crest bags, including some direct drops from monster parties (no need to take a key to open a chest, nice!). Now I had 6 in total and decided to open them. Noting that I had 14 unique crests so far, out of the 6 new crests I just opened, 5 were (exact!) duplicates of crests I already had. Since this is statistically almost impossible if drops are random from all talents from all bags, this absolutely has to mean that either
*crests you roll are affected by crests you own, or
*the crests you can roll from green crest bags are limited in variety

Looking at the crests I have now, I cant help but notice that I have 10 unique talents so far, and I am missing Revive, Revitalize, Scatter, Life Drain, Berserk, Bulwark, Enlighten, and Blade Shell… I cant help but notice that this includes pretty much all the most saught after talents (except blade shell and enlighten i suppose). Also interesting to note is that the lonely Deadly Strike, Self Destruct, War God and Heavy Blow crests I own, all decent talents, dropped from a blue (not green) bag. Their buffs are also better than the buffs from green bag drops.

Now based on my very limited amount of rolls its obviously too early to tell, but based on my findings so far, it seems like IGG divided the talents over tiers which are linked to the color of the crest bag;
*Green bags seem to drop: Flame Guard, Scorch, Slow Down, Sprint, Stone Skin, Tenacity
*Blue bags seem to drop decent talents; Deadly Strike, Heavy Blow, Self Destruct, War God (probably 2 more)
*Purple bags will probably drop Revite, Revive, Life Drain and some other top talents. (probably 6 in total)

So for those of you who thought it would only take you 1 year to complete your revitalize crest talent… it will probably take you 10 years, IF purple crest bags would drop 10% of the time (havent seen them yet…). Good luck with that!

19/11 update… Its getting worse…
A little update on the Lost Realm; do not get too excited about it if you do not have a PD. The journey started off great, but after 3 days of playing (at lvl 7), Im now up against 9-hero legendary teams, all level 125, including 2 Minotaur, 2 Spirit Mages and 1 Moltanica, 2 PDs and 1 Cupid, and an Atlanticore to finish the nightmare.
Im not even sure if I would even be able to win that match with my US main account lvl 160 legendaries (you can only bring 5!!), and obviously without a PD your Lost Realm adventure will be pretty short.

So as some feedback to IGG; Lost Realm looks great and the idea is great, like Torch Battles at the start, but you are making it way too hard to beat way too fast… And because there is no option to keep fighting lesser enemy groups (for lower rewards), players will simply get stuck, unable to get the silver keys they need to open those special boxes, as a result they will get no or maybe 1 or 2 crests per day, and as a result it will take more than 10 years to get even a 4/5 revite talent completed. I understand full well you want it to take time and effort for players to get to that super crest talent, but at this rate it is simply not possible.

20/11 update is here!
Most important new notes:
– chests and enemy groups refresh every 2 hours, so if you are stuck with silver chests or too strong enemies, just wait a while!
– inscripting adds might! +3 per level on low level, +6 per level after lvl 21, might become even more later.

So after a day of grinding on US server I ended up with…
Druid lvl 21, 3 crests, +416 ATK, +4823 HP (+12% ATK and +17% HP)
PD lvl 21, 3 crests, +263 ATK, +6123 HP (+5% ATK and +24% HP)
Moltanica lvl 21, 3 crests, +291 ATK, +5823 HP (+7% ATK and +13% HP)

No IV crests yet, unlucky… Goes to show that these inscriptions and crests have a huge effect on hero stats and thus on gameplay, sweet!

This is about all the info I have to share for now. When I find out more Ill update this OP.

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