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Castle clash tutorial – Quick efficiency guide for the Lost Realm

Castle clash tutorial – Quick efficiency guide for the Lost Realm


When you enter the lost realm, you see three things. Heroes, Chests, and Blue crystals.

1. Basics
Blue crystals allow you to inscribe your heroes. This basically means you can boost the stats of your heroes and equip crests, which further boosts your hero.

Chests gives you items that go into your warehouse.

Monsters give you items and red crystals. Red crystals are used to upgrade your blue crystals mines and lets you fuse crests to make a stronger crest.

Blue crystals are valuable. Spend all your red crystals to upgrade your blue crystal mines early!

2. Battle Altars
Battle Altars give you more blue crystals than your mines. As you keep expanding your territory, you will see more battle altars owned by different people.

Each battle altar will have a shield or a sword above it. If it has a shield, then it is protected. If it has a sword, then that means you can attack their battle altar and take it over.

When attacking their altar, you battle their 5 man line up. It does not take stamina to attack an altar, so keep attacking them until you win!

3. Efficiency
The goal is to be as efficient with your stamina as possible, since stamina is a very limited and valuable resource. Here are some tips.

     a) Minimize your movement – Don’t run all over the map because you are using up precious stam. Let’s say there is a gold chest, but you don’t have a key yet. Don’t even bother going to that space.

     b) Mine and upgrade crystal mines from a distance – You don’t need to be on that specific spot to mine it or upgrade it. Simply just click on the crystal mine to gather or upgrade it.

     c) Prioritize battling heroes over opening chests – When you keep battling, you will gain levels which further expands your map. As you expand your map, you find more battle altars and crystal mines. Thus the faster you expand, the faster you gain resources, which makes leveling up more important than opening chests. You can always pick up the treasure chests later, especially if they are on the way to the enemy heroes.

d)Pick and choose your battles – Don’t pick fights with an all legendary hero line up if you can’t beat them.

e)Inscribe your most used heroes – Remember, inscribing boosts the stats of your hero. You might as well inscribe the heroes that you use the most in the Lost Realm so you can become stronger there. Inscribing heroes can also strengthen their proc, like Druid, SM, Minotaur, etc

Any new tips are welcomed too!
Let us create the ultimate efficiency guide!!