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Castle clash tutorial – Lost realm Castle Clash Orksba hero

Castle clash tutorial – Lost realm Castle Clash Orksba hero

Orksbane is gem only, and cannot be obtained from legendary hero card
Max hitting targets – 20
Max healing targets – 20
Range of hitting – 12 x 5 blocks in front of him
Range of healing – similar to druid
Being able to heal himself
Only orksbane may be immune to stun
Proc can hit buildings and walls
There is no CD for the proc
healing amount cannot be buffed, it’s always the base damage x skill factor / 2

How strong is Orksbane?
x4 Orksbane in mesa will heal all heroes for 70000 HP every 1 sec!
Also at lvl 180 he have 64620 HP so with tenacity:
64620 + 25% = 80775 HP
After this update we have 2 Talents so 5/5 Tenacity + 5/5 Bulwark?
20% from 64620 = 12930 HP
80775 HP + 12930 HP = 93705 HP!
We can’t forgot about Inscribe HP Bonus
I don’t know what is bonus HP from Inscribe and Talent, but he probably will have over 100000 HP

How the hell we can kill him? Just imagine how long one your hero destroy Wall lvl 10 and then double this.
Idk what dmg have Boss, but he won’t kill him quickly.
When Orksbane will tanking, probably no debuffer for mesa is needed.

Torch Battle
He will also shine at torch battle.
Ninja 9/9 + War God 5/5 + Revi 5/5? No problem!
At lvl 180 9/9 Ninja will deal:
5071 + 25% = 6339 DMG
6339 + 750% = 47543 DMG

It’s not even Orksbane 50% hp!

Arrow Tower DMG
905 + Garrison (Purple) lvl 7 = 905 * 4,5 = 4073 DMG
Arrow Tower deal 65% dmg to heroes:
4073 * 0,65% = 2647 DMG
2647 * 5 = 13237 DMG

Thats mean 7 or 8 hits from 5 Arrow Towers Lvl 10 with 7 Purple Garrison can kill Orksbane!

Because of his large amount of HP he can face to face 1v6 Heroes to give us time, anyway Paladin will be better here.

Lost Realm
Shouldn’t have problems with tanking 9 Elites etc.
Will use heal 24/7 after getting focused

I want Orksbane badly right now! I’m 100% Sure that I will replace him for Druid.
+More HP
+More DMG
+Better Heal
+More Mov Speed
+AOE DMG (13785 DMG at 9/9)
+Invulnerable to stun
+Heal more targets
+Debuff (-75% Mov Speed; helpful in HBM, HT)
+DMG Buff
+1,0 Attack Speed
+Shardable, 30 Log-In reward…

What do you think?
You will still use Druid? Maybe both of them. (if you will get one…)

If I forgot to write something tell me.