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Castle Clash Tutorial – Legendary Heroes’ Secret Abilites – Guide For Newbies

A lot of legends have their secret abilities, which are good to know. So I made a list of them for help newbies.

1) Paladin

Legendary hero Paladin

Legendary hero Paladin

He has a cooldown, first only 6 seconds, on higher skill levels 9 seconds. It prevents stacking.
His skill stacks with Stone Skin.

2) Atlanticore



His cooldown gradualy increase, start on 5,5 secs, continue to 5,8 and ends on 12,2 at 10/10 skill level.
He won’t reflect damage when under effect of Guardian Angel spell.

3) Grizzly Reaper
Troops are priority Targets for him, not heroes.

4) Immortep
He has 6-sec cooldown to prevent stacking.

5) Snowzilla
He has 4-sec cooldown to prevent stacking.

6) Vlad Dracula
He restores HP only from heroes (including bosses) and troops, not from

7) Santa Boom
He decreases 12% ATK and MOV SPD at 1/10, increasing by 2% each skill level.
He has Lv 5 Self Destruct.
His skill fills up energy, so when he doesn’t kill a Hero, he fills up his/her energy to 100.

8) Aries
He gains only 12 energy per attack, so he needs 8 attacks to proc.
(Other heroes gain 15 energy, so they needs 7 attacks.)
He disables skills and some talents (Deadly Strike, Flame Guard, Heavy Blow, Life Drain, Scatter, Revive, Slow Down, Self Destruct).

9) Treantaur



He can Revive each ally only once.
When he Revive an ally, Revive ally will still act like dead, so he/she still needs Revive time.
Revived heroes in Hero Expeditions can’t be used to next round.
He won’t revive anyone in HBM, Wretched Gorge and Hero Trials.
He insta-procs when he reach 100 energy, while other heroes needs 1 attack to proc.  
In storm mesa, even if there are one treantaur in each group, A dead hero can be revived only once.
His skill stacks with Stone Skin.

10) Warlock
He procs when reaches 100 energy, like Treantaur.
When defeating a raid and he has 5/5 Revitalize, he will proc in the 30 secs before battle begins.
When defeating a raid and Santa Boom shots a firework on him, he will insta-proc and fill up energy to 100, so he will proc after 7-secs cooldown again.
His skil stacks with Flame Guard.

11) Harpy Queen
She refills 100 energy by 1 hit and she has insta proc with 2 secs cooldown.
She has Lv 5 Revitalize and procs instantly
(she doesn’t need a hit to proc, so she procs after the battle begins).
She also has increased energy gathered from incoming attacks.
She targets buildings as well as heroes and troops. 
Her debuff has no effect on buildings (except Towers).

12) Siren
She has Lv 5 Slow Down.

13) Death Knight
He has Lv 5 Revive.
When he procs, nearby allies are immune to one debuff, starting at 2 allies and finishing at 7 allies at 10/10.

14) Skull Knight
Has Lv 8 Revive.
When he reaches 100 energy, he instantly procs.

15) Pixie
She has Lv 5 Scatter.

16) Orksbane – (Healer )
He is immune to Coma, Fear and Freeze.
He heals up to 20 allies, damages up to 20 Targets and his healing has the same range as Druid’s healing.
His healing cannot be buffed by War God, Bulwark, Cupid, Pumpkin Duke or Druid.

17) Druid – (Healer)
His healing cannot be buffed by War God, Bulwark, Cupid, Pumpkin Duke or itself/other Druid.

18) Minotaur Chieftain
His Skill affecfs only ground units (buildings, ground troops and ground heroes).

19) Destroyer 
Has Lvl 5 Life Drain

Hope I help you.