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Castle Clash New Feature Preview: Quest Board



Aside from Heroes Trial, we also have another new feature – Quests! Let us explain how the Quests System work. The following information may be subjected to change once the update goes online.1. How to activate the Quest Board.
Players will be able to see the Quest Board in front of the entrance of Here Be Monsters.
Once player’s Town Hall reaches level 7, they will have the option to repair the Quest Board. The actual Quest Board will be activated after repairing.
2. Quests System Once players enter the Quests Board interface, they will be able to view different sets of quests. Complete different quests for different rewards!
There will be a time limit for each set of quests, if players could not finish the quests within the time limit, players will not be able to receive the relevant rewards. Once player have completed a set of quests, the time will reset and after the time is reset, new set of quest will appear on the Quest Board.

3. Quests Types
Quests will include: Random raids, Dungeons, Arena, Heroes, Magic and more!
4. Quests Rewards
Player will receive small rewards for each quest completed from the set of quests received. Rewards includes Gold, Mana, Honor Badges, Shards and more!Completing a set of quests will result in receiving a bigger set of reward,which includes a huge amount of Honor Badges and/or EXP Books for Heroes!Finishing the set of quest fast will also result in receiving bonus rewards!EXP Books: New item, can be found in Heroes Altar. Using this will add EXP to their Hero.
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