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Arena – Arena castle clash

The Arena is a place where you can test the strength of your Heroes. It’s highly suggested you fight in the arena every chnce you get to move up in ranks. The higher rank you are, the more honor Badges  you’re going to earn per hour. 


This is your Arena, you can set-up your Defense, or Enter the Arena to challenge other players to gain ranks and move up in the standings, ultimately making more honor per hour.  When you go into the Defense tab, you will be brought to the battlefield as seen here:


Your Heroes are placed on the bottom of the screen as seen above. You can place your heroes on the three spaces. It doesn’t matter how many are on one spot, you can put all 5 on one, or split them up between the three. This will be the set-up that your Heroes will be in when you are attacked, set them up strategically! After you’re happy with your set-up, just tap on Ok and exit by the Red X on the top right.

Now if you tap on Enter, you will be brough to a page that looks like this


I’ve indicated several spots on this picture.

Yellow Box: This is your feed. It will show when you win, lose, and when you’re challenged by other players. It will tell you how many ranks you lost, or how many ranks you’ve gained. Keep an eye on this to see who took ranks from you!

Red Box: This displays how many battles you can enter and how much time until you receive another Battle Chance. You can have a maximum of 5 battle chances and one Battle Chance is refreshed every 30 minutes.

Purple Box: There are a few things here, we’ll start from the top and work our way down. The number at the top is how much Honor you have. The second number is when the next time you’re going to receive your the amount of Honor per hour you have. The third number is how much honor you receive per hour. This number is determined by your place in the Arena. Finally the fourth number is your ranking in the arena.

Blue Box: This is where your potential opponents are. If you are ranked 100 in the arena, it will show ranks 99-95. It shows the next 5 ranks in the Arena. You will gain a certain amount of ranks for winninng against certain opponents. You will receive more ranks for defeating higher ranked opponents and receive less ranks for defeating lower ranked opponents. To challenge them just tap on their name and then hit Challege.

After challenging someone, you will be brought to a screen similar to the Defense set-up screen. Just place your heroes strategically on the spots and start the battle. First one to destroy the other’s building wins.

Good luck!

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